Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tiny bit of Thrift!

I have to admit...
I felt like a total, um.....slug this weekend...a slightly sick one....
My new work schedule is kicking my rear....
but hopefully soon it will start to even out!
Friday I did manage to stop at one of my favorite DAV's for a "quick" run through....
Ha! me quick, yeah right!
Here's what I found....
Huge amazing pair of vintage pinking shears with box and papers still!
Two of these cowboy themed bandanna's
$.99 cents each!
I thought I'd try making a pillow out of them for Baby Keeper!

Lovely little pastoral lady that I'm thinking I'll use in a project
.99 cents
this really interesting bowl
it has a robin egg blue glaze inside and then this sunny yellow
and orange/green dotted glaze on the outside...
It has three initials in black on the bottom but I can only make out the first and the last
which are A and M...
Either someone made it in a pottery class or it is something special...
Look familiar to anyone?
Two tiny bumblebees
definitely another craft item
.45 cents
More various sewing implements....
I liked these items for the graphics....

It was quite a large bag
even more than in the photos
Not bad for a funky weekend!
What did you find?

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and see all the other great finds!
Happy Tuesday everyone!

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