Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day scores!

After an unheard of earthquake,
a Hurricane,
and power loss for a week,
this weekend was semi-normal!
Trying to catch up and clean up is the hard part after a Hurricane...
So this weekend it was nice to simply take a break
and go do some junking..
We went to a few thrift stores but came up with little...
Friday for the first time I actually stood in line for an Estate sale!
Usually if there are tons of people I don't bother and come back later...
but it was a beautiful day and there were only maybe 8 people when I got there.
Luckily this sale was only 3 blocks from my house...
The owner seemed to have been a widow.
We walk a lot in our neighborhood but I never managed to see her.
Once inside it appeared to me she had probably lived there since the 20's or 30's.
Our houses were built as the first Federal subsidized housing project in 1918.
They were built to house workers for the local shipyard.
After the war was over they ended up selling the homes as private residence.

My point being
everything looked totally original in her home
which is rare I think
because so many have been remodeled and updated.
So wonderful to see the time worn pine floors and staircase.
Here is what I found....
Silver plated tray
I am going to use it on the wall in the kitchen with magnets for notes, etc.
Satin gloves, ruched long gloves, sweet ruffled pair
$4 for all
This lady was definitely from the era when you didn't
go out without your gloves on!
Rain bonnet ( white polka-dots) .25 cents
my grandmother always had one in her purse
definitely didn't want to mess up a good hairdo'!

I rummaged through two boxes of ornaments to pull out these
I love Kitschy Christmas
the little caroler even has fuzzy curl coming out from under his cap
all for $2

Two tiny pillows made from an old feedsack quilt
.50 cents for both
Scoop and tart tins(4)
$3.50 for both
I think I am going to use all of the tart tins I have collected to make
candles out of for Christmas...
anyone ever done this?

Large biscuit tin that both sides come off to use as trays
Jewelry set $2
and the most exciting to me....
I found this First Aid kit in the kitchen....
it is in such great shape.
The back and inside look brand new,
no rust or scratches...
It even still has some of the original contents...
I paid $5 because I thought it would look great in my house...
it fits in with the time period.
I've looked around online and seen two others with no contents
and in not sogreat condition 
They were asking $50-$100!
I'd like to try and find out when it was manufactured...
ever seen one?
Any clue where I could look?
SO what did you find this weekend?
Have a great week after this nice long weekend!


  1. Hi Pam,
    So glad you joined us this week! You are a girl after my own heart! My heart actually skips a beat when I hear of an estate sale!

    Wonder if I will ever get tired of it! LOL

    Thanks so much for linking to 2nd Time Around.

    I'm adding you to my blog roll!


  2. Wow you did good! I love those gloves there beautiful. That medicine tin is really intereting.

    E :)

  3. What terrific deals! You did well!