Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rainy Day Flea market........

On Saturday I had hopes for a lovely Fall morning
Trip to the Farmers Market
Flea Market in Williamsburg
They usually only hold it two times a year
it rained all day..
I still made the drive
but most of the vendors either didn't show
or were packing up after the first hour...
A few were well covered and decided to tough it out....
Of course I managed to find a few things!
I don't think I've ever been to a sale where I couldn't find something!

Vintage box of Swano Aquarelle Pencils

Cabinet Cards
Several lovely ladies and wonderful newlyweds
He has the best hairdo up close!

Two little girls
the left is a tintype
Civil War era or just after
You can't see it but her cheeks are a bit rosy...

You can just make out her blushed cheeks as well..
Young lady of Creole descent?
Her eyes, make me wonder.
I paid a dollar for each of these.
I plan on using them in a few of my many projects...
I can never bring myself to use the actual cards
I plan on scanning all of them before I use them.
Very used little travel / fold up clock
I really wanted it for the case
I can't decide if I want to dismantle the clock for parts
and use the case for a vignette
or leave it as is and display it...
Well loved and worn childs toy pistol
The handle probably should have had a bakelite or plastic covering
I imagined it cracked and came off if the owner was anything like my son!
I thought it would be fun to display in Baby Keepers room.
O.K. I have no idea what to call this...
needle point?
The design is lots of little raised threads
The needlework has been sewn onto a linen backing and the top left open
I'm not sure if it was intended to be a pincushion or small bag..
It was only $1
and appears to be quite old.
Is anyone familiar with this type of needlework?
Hopefully the sun will come out for next weekend!
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Happy Tuesday!

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