Monday, July 30, 2012


Found my camera card so
Thriftshare is back on!
I mentioned last week I had some amazing finds...
so much so I'm having to split it up!

Mommy needed a day out
so I stopped at one of my local favorite charity shops
to look through the free book bin...
Instead I found these goodies!
 First I spied this lovely box and promptly snatched it up!
I was surprised that inside were still several pieces of original vintage stationary...
all for $2.95!
Birthdays, babies and get well soon, and more....
Some glitter accents too...

 Then at another stop I dug through the .25 cents "some of everything box"...
Found two fans...
This one is paper with sweet stamped and gold accented butterflies..

This sheer fan is tattered a bit, 
and has the most interesting silver icicle sequins.
These two pieces of ribbon are so faded and delicate ...
The wide ribbon has a beautiful "M" monogram...
I wonder if it would have been a bookmark?
Maybe for some sort of award?
Any ideas let me know!
The lace strip has velvet underneath...
I just know they will find their way into a great future project
into a gift box for a friend .
All .25 cents each!

The fabric in the background was $1.99 for quite a few yards!
So cheery I couldn't resist!
The note cards were sitting beside the box I found in the first store
they say "what a lovely gift"
kind of nice instead of  the usual "Thank you" don't you think?
12 for $1.95!

Next I went to a Christmas in July sale
and scored big time in the luggage department!
I'll share more soon!
Hope you picking went well this week!
Head on over to
to check out some other great finds around the globe!
Happy Monday to all!