Monday, May 30, 2011

Marvelous Memorial day weekend finds!

Took a few days off from writing
to enjoy some time with family and friends
I went out on Friday to an Estate sale
that just happened to be near my home
and I felt like I scored so well
I didn't bother going to any others
the rest of the weekend!
When I walked in I knew I would find something great...
and i was surprised because I got there an hour late
and it had been advertised to have "antiques"
but it seemed like no one was buying...
sometimes I think people don't see potential in items
they just want them to be perfect or "look" valuable...
I was so excited to see these on the first table I went to....

An Argoflex and a Cadet to add to my vintage camera collection! The cadet was $1!
The Argoflex was $3!  I couldn't believe it!

Then I saw this awesome Brownie movie camera..
It still has the original box and manual...

Shiny Happy People....
The design is so lovely and sleek
Of course I had to open it
and the insides are pristine
It has a small reel of film still inside!

On the table next to the cameras I found these
old diaper pins...
Funny when I was looking for these
before my son was born I couldn't find them
now I have found two sets in the last two months..
.50 cents
I need to figure out a clever use for them
any suggestions?

as I entered the kitchen I noticed this huge pile of old towels
and tablecloths from the 70's with mushrooms etc.
I still decided to take a peek
and underneath all that brown and avocado green
was this lovely bright tablecloth
I've never seen this pattern before

Isn't it just lovely?
After roaming through several other rooms I made my way to the
It became obvious that the owner of this home was
a very loving woman
she appeared to save everything her children or nieces and nephews
baby clothes, toys, chalkboards, doll clothes, and school papers.
Which is when I noticed two large boxes of old papers and "junk" in the corner near the trash...
I peeked inside and noticed old school notebooks and report cards...
So I asked one of the girls helping out with the sale if she
would consider selling some to me
that I used things like those in my artwork...
I didn't ask for them because I feel like a family deserves an offer...
She laughed and said
"You know I thought I should keep some of those because I am an artist too!"
She gave me the whole box for $5
Which to me for the amazing amount of ephemera inside was a steal
This box must weigh 10 lbs...
I still haven't gone through the whole thing
but here are some of the top layer
Love the note from the teacher on the little booklet on top..
it says she did a great job on her little book!

an Aviation news booklet
old letters and service papers
It appears the couple owned a Service / Gas Station locally here some years ago
Old logbook with wages for employees
not much compared to now...neat to see
Old posters in great shape
advertising all sorts of things...
These glasses are Anchor Hocking freebies
probably 10 of these workbooks for writing....
The back section of all the booklets have a section of punch outs...
The section I stopped in was where I found this photo
A church directory photograph and order form
It was taken in 1983
A lot of times I wonder about the people and what they were like
so it was neat to see the people these items were a part of.
Do you think I should try and contact the family about the portraits?
I'm not sure since they were also selling a lot of black and white photos that
belonged to this couple.
Hope you had an amazing weekend and found some treasures...
head on over to ApronThriftGirl
and see what everyone else was up to!
Happy memorial day!

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my giveaway!
My mail link was disabled last week...

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