Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Thriftshare.....

This Sunday was my birthday!
Woot Woot!
Finally got that IPOD to use those
awesome photo apps!
Other than birthday awesomeness in general
and a very close call with a tornado...
I did have time to find a few things
at a church sale
and a stop at The Goodwill
fashion was the theme for the weekend...
Found this great traditional Mexican style dress
Lovely hand embroidery
Dilemma however...
Belt or no?
The thing with some of these dresses is they
look like sacks sometimes.
I think it would even look great with jeans...
see the two little birds?
love the little mushrooms...
The bunch of violets is faded and a bit chippy but that's why I like it...
The large cameo is a piece of 1928 mother and child design
The locket is real sterling/marcasite with mother of pearl

Few yards of this cute fabric...
I'm thinking it is from the 70's
for .99  cents!
Would probably make a nice light blanket material...
any ideas?
So what did you find?
Head on over to ATG
to see what other great finds were out there...
Happy Monday!


  1. Love the dress. I never thought to put a belt with it and I do like it that way. Updates it. Also, love, love the violets pin!

  2. The embroidered dress is wonderful, I'd wear it with a wide belt, leather boots and an armload of bangle bracelets!

    Lovely jewelry finds as well, I like the chippy violet brooch. :)

  3. Those are some really great finds. That dress is really neat! I think I would wear it with a skinny braided belt. $4 is such a great deal!