Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just Drive......

I'm sure I'm not the first mother to say...
Sometimes the only place I feel like I get a little quiet...
 where I can think...
 where I can relax a bit....
Is in my car!
When I manage to get out right now without
my 3 year old or my husband,
there is actually


in the car,
I can choose to blast the music if I want.
I even keep one of my notebooks in the car
for when one of those moments of clarity come to me,
when a great new idea comes for a piece of art,
 when I can remember what I need to get at the grocery store!
I even used to nap in the car!
If my son just happened to fall asleep when I was driving
and we got to where we were going before he woke up
I learned very quickly to never try and move him
So if he stayed asleep,
I would take a nap too.
Anyone else
find solace in their vehicle?

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