Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back from the Road....

After a long week of family visiting us
and then Easter weekend in WVA
I'm finally back home.
It was so wonderful to get out of the city...
I thought I'd share a bit of our trip.
First of all let me get my sarcasm out of the way...
Really VDOT of Richmond!
Usually going through Richmond takes maybe 20 minutes...
Can you see right under the 64/95 sign?
(just barely I know)
There are 3 work trucks and a state trooper
This was 12 something on Good Friday
Just as one of the busy holiday weekend and lunch hour folks are getting on the road...
and VDOT decides to patch tiny cracks in the road
they weren't really potholes and I couldn't see why they chose
certain ones and not others
They stopped all lanes of traffic in order to let the crews
jump out
 fill the hole
and then move up to the next one!
We sat for literally over an hour for this barely a mile!
Now for the good stuff
On the way to WVA
McDowell VA
It was drizzly the whole way
but even the  fog is beautiful
What a great view
Spring was springing up!
Early buds which a day later covered the tulip tree...
View of the barn...
Rolling in the dandelions...
These dogwoods reminded me of a LC Tiffany window I've seen...
Love that blue sky...
Cherry Blossoms in Staunton, Va...
little waterfalls everywhere..
On our way back home we made our usual stop at the park
for a break from the long ride
(mainly to let a 3 year old burn off some energy)
Feeding the Koi at Gypsy Hill Park
I have never seen so many in one place and they are HUGE!
Holy Koi!
Overall it was a great trip!
Even though I still live in the city I was born in
I have those country roots in my family..
Now with my husbands family in the mountains
I long for the small town...
letting your child play in a yard where you don't have to worry
about being run over by a car because you can't have a fence
which would throw off the "look" of your neighborhood...
Being able to drive and not sit in traffic
Even though a store is a "trip"
you don't have to wait a half hour in line...
Being able to sit on your front porch and watch a storm roll in
or actually SEE the stars at night
hear the frogs chirp in the rain
have everyone you love drop in for a meal
or to talk and it isn't a big production
Come as you are.
Hope you had a great weekend too!
What do you long for?

Hope you all had a great

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