Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Learn from little children.....

Children can make new friends so easily...
More adults should be inspired by them.
Kids don't care ..
Color you are.
much money you have.
brand of clothing you have on.
you have a disability
your religion is.
As long as you can
share your snack,
you are a friend.

My son really touched my husband and I during last summer.
He was taking a class with other 2 year olds.
There was this one tiny boy,
He can't walk.
He doesn't talk.
He never leaves his stroller.
The first few days of school,
some of the other children were frustrated
because my son was having a hard time being away from of us for the first time.
He cried for 3 days..
The next week was better.
He was a totally different kid.
Now that he could finally pay attention to his surroundings,
we noticed from day one ,
that when we came to pick him up,
he would be standing beside Davids stroller.
My son was not talking much at this point.
He only had "mama ,dada,bye-bye",
but he didn't have to say a word.
We knew he could tell David was different
but it was o.k.
Somehow I can't imagine how he had this "sense" at such a young age.
Their usual routine made my heart melt
every time I saw it.
When David would arrive,
Liam would run up to him ,
 babble his hellos and pat David on the head or hands,
and then follow beside his stroller all the way to class.
When we came to pick him up ,
Liam would be standing with David.
He would wave goodbye and pat him on the head again.
You could see in Davids eyes that
he knew this was a
He didn't have to say a word.

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