Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art and Soul Day One.....Tornado warnings and a mess of paint!

Today was the first day at Art and Soul..
Met some great ladies...
Had a lot of fun letting the creativity flow..or swirl..
sort of like the sky outside
 as we sat under a tornado watch pretty much all day....
Basically an Acrylics class for beginners
I have to say
watercolor is my paint of choice.
I decided to step out of my comfort zone
and use up all those tiny sample acrylics I've had in a box for
a hundred years or more and give it a try.
What I was not expecting was to end up loving
a palette knife!
Of course we had to start with a still life...
Here are my first 2 attempts
Fruit snatching from the breakfast bar preceded the class...
since so many folks got stuck in airports due to the CRAZY weather!

Here is the palette knife work in progress..
My first...
Here is the finished product...
Not bad for a first try, eh?
Very fun,
I used to hate "abstract" art
I guess this resembles more of the "Impressionists" movement
and I always used to be baffled at how they achieved what they did
without "details"
Funny how a decade or so can change you...
but I absolutely am in LUUURVE with this now!
The very next thing I purchase is going to be a smaller palette knife!

Here is the portrait "copy" I started..
FAR from done and the photo doesn't do it justice
I'm thinking I should have picked a more abstract one like many of my classmates...
Here are some of the gals
and their works
all photos taken with their permission
My tablemate came all the way from California to create this
again the photo doesn't do it justice..
The apple was so bright the undertones were amazing...
This is unfinished but it was her FIRST time using this medium!
Can't imagine what her works will look like when she gets into her groove!
Another Virgin...
This lovely lady usually works with metals in jewelry making...
This was her first painting class as well.
She is a local too
so the attempt at having a locals group to get together with
should definitely be in the works now...
This cutie pa-tootie has the sweetest little voice...
all the way from N.Y.
this is in progress as well
but she put her "stamp" on what she painted
a sort of softness to what she sees...
Hope to see more of these ladies this week.
So what do you think?
Check out our teacher at
she is featured in the very latest issue of
I meant to photograph all my ATC's before I started giving them out
but OOOps!
I've photographed what I still have
and will post later
Anyone getting up before the chickens to watch
the Royal Youngsters get hitched?
I guess I will while I'm getting myself together for my class...
Happy Thursday!
Bust out your tiara...
Keep Calm and Get your Wedding On!

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