Friday, July 8, 2011

Snacky Snack....On the healthy side!

Who doesn't want to be healthy?
Dumb question of course.
I do however notice a lot of times
it is hard for folks to know what is REALLY good for them in
a grocery store.
I just wanted to share one of my favorite
meals or afternoon pick me ups
 that is  full of protein and is filling.
Plus there was just such a lovely light this
morning shining on my breakfast....
Greek Yogurt
1/4 cup granola
Handful of almonds
2 or three strawberries

Greek yogurt has become very popular lately
which in some ways is good...
I used to only be able to find large tubs
which I could never eat fast enough.
Now the single size is wonderful.
Make sure you don''t get ones with
lots of mix ins full of sugar!
This one has honey and I barely even use half of it
because it sweetens so well.
Greek yogurt has as much protein if not more than most cuts of meat
and is much more healthy.
Almonds and granola add that extra crunch, fiber, and healthy oil.
I love strawberries
but what ever we have as far as fruit goes will do.
Try some and let me know what you think.
Sometimes I even eat this as dinner!

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