Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photographic genius?

Funny how you stumble
upon things your children have done
without you knowing....
Little Keeper used
to have a thing for raisins
I find them hidden in all kinds of places all over the house...
In shoes,
On the staircase,
In the bathroom.
You get the picture.
I thought it was actually funny,
Hansel and Gretel left breadcrumbs...
if we wanted to know where LK went,
all you had to do was follow the raisins...
I hand him my IPOD on occasion
so he can play a game when he gets impatient
in a restaurant or in the car...
this is the randomness I find

Nice Shark Shoes...
I have to laugh
he sees me taking photographs all the time...
So naturally he wants to copy?
The randomness of the photos is what is so funny.
These were a TINY sampling of what he filled my
Hipstamatic account with
I had to delete about 40
photos of what appeared to be
pant legs
and stuff that looked like Supernovas?
Just a "trail" of where LK has been.....

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