Monday, April 9, 2012

Thriftshare Monday....

Time for a little Thriftshare!

Last week was Spring break for us
 the whole week was pretty much outings and visitors!

I thought I'd share a few things I had
not gotten to share that I found back in
the end of March.

 These are two sets of floral
gift wrapping paper from the 50's?
They had never been opened
and include two or three small gift cards, and Dennison stickers!
I couldn't resist because they were in such excellent condition with everything included.
Definitely will be part of future ephemera projects!
I paid $4 for the set which is not necc. thrift
but a fair price I think.
 This ledger book is dated 1897
It has some wonderful illustrations, some ledger entries, and some blank pages.
I love old handwriting.
 You can tell when pen and dip ink were used...
The ledger was $3
Another to add to the ephemera pile...
 This little card included these 6 "japanese umbrellas"
They are plastic
I'm guessing for cakes and cupcakes.
They were so adorable I couldn't believe no one had scooped them up yet
when I got to them for $1!
This check is dated 1917.
it was only .25 cents
I purchased it because the bank of Mill Creek WVA
is in the tiny town my husbands parents are from!
What a neat find!
  I purchased a TON of antique postcards!
They were only .25 cents each!
I think I bought $11 or $14 dollars worth.
I lost count...
I have never seen them for .25 cents
always $1 each or more
especially ones this beautiful.
I definitely plan on using them in some journals and mixed media projects.
The one center bottom has a tiny envelope on the front.
Wonder what it was for?
I'll share some more of them soon.
This little celluloid baby was $2
I can't stay away from what I call the dimestore toys...
they used to be cheap and seem to rarely survive.
Even though I am probably the last generation that even knows
what dimestores were,
I loved all the tiny stuff I could get there.
I always had something in my little purse.
Do  you have any dimestore memories?
What were yours called?
We had Woolworths
and a few others I know I have forgotten.
I'd love for you to share some of those with me.
Leave me a comment..
Head on over to Apron Thrift Girl 
and see all the other fabulous finds!
Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  1. I love old nrfp/nrfb paper products also... my weakness is for vintage shelf paper. But I have never open any of them up to use. :) I just get them out occasionally to stare at their beauty.

    I am curious about that postcard with the tiny envelope too. Is it too small for a calling card? They were normally a little smaller, than a standard size business card.

  2. Very cool things, I'd love to find some vintage wrapping paper for a special gift. I never find any though.

  3. I don't think I've ever been to a true dimestore. My only dimestore memory is the fun scene in my favorite movie -- Breakfast at Tiffany's! Wow you found some fabulous thrifty stuff! It makes me want to go out tomorrow and thrift away!!