Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tasha and Spring...

One of my favorite things
about Spring
is all the
things that start to bloom and grow...
Looking at my daffodils finish up
this week
I got the longing to go and take out
some of my Tasha Tudor collection.
Springtime you ask and Tasha?
She had amazing gardens which books have been written about...
 (image from google)
Here she is with one of her beloved Corgi's
 She illustrated the Secret Garden
a good read even for an adult ...
( image from google)
I love this photo of her while she is painting.
This is an amazing cookbook of her family recipes and a few from friends .
I also got the longing for the blueberry cake recipe
in the book.
It was something I used to make often
and everyone always LOVED it!
There are so many fascinating things about Tasha and the life she led.
I gained so much inspiration from her over the years.
I just thought I'd introduce her today
and I think I'm going to start a Tasha Tuesday series
because I have so many things to share and say about her.
As creators of crafts , artwork, foods,
Do you have anyone in particular that inspires you?
I'd love for you to share with me in the comments!
Happy Wednesday to all!

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  1. My friend Suzanne loves Tasha, too. I was first introduced to her on the pages of the old Victoria magazine, in the 90's.