Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm off.....

I am finally off
on my Italy adventure...
Headed out with this lovely lady
on the left....
Lara Blair 

Somehow we managed
to book the exact same flight...
When she told me yesterday
what she was wearing so I'd find her...
lets just say other than maybe the jacket I was
going to pretty much wear the same thing.
Definitely changed so I won't
come across all stalker 
We'll be meeting Elida
( right)
in Rome..

Is it wrong to have absolutely
no problem letting my husband be a single dad for 
a week?
Bags are packed..
Made a new travel Journal..
downloading a last few songs 
to my IPOD...
I won't be posting much this week
 if anything,
I may cram in a few quick
Hope you have a lovely week...
and I'll fill you all in when I return!

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