Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ciao Italy!

Back from the
trip of a lifetime for so many reasons!
I can't wait to share 
with you all
the fun, food, 
and friendships that were made!
I took over 1290 pictures with my
"DIGEE-TAHL" camera
(Italian accent)
and probably 40 or so with my
Going to take some time to sift through!
So I thought today
I would give you a 

All these were taken with my IPOD!
I'm spending today sifting through
my photos and ideas.
Giving my feet a rest!
Weird experience with them swelling due to the long flight.
Not to mention walking all over Italy kicked
my outta' shape rear end!
I hung in there
and now I have a reason to start kickin' my own
tush into shape at home!
Hope you have had a wonderful week..
Love you all!

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  1. Oh, welcome back! I can't wait to hear about your adventures!