Saturday, May 12, 2012

Butterfly feeling.....

This is one of my favorite pics I took while in Italy....


I just got this butterfly, almost tear in my eye feeling 
when I glanced over the rocks and saw these kids...
Remembering what it was like to be in college...
Everything opening up to you
and no real worries
 other than grades, relationships, and what are we going to do tonight?

I am hope they know how lucky they are to be able to travel 
the world at this point in their lives....

Hope this gives you a Happy start to your weekend...

Linking to my roomie Lara's page
She is such a great and patient teacher,
 beautiful person inside and out.
The first doggie pic on the page
was a shot we could have paid someone to set up...
and there he was just sitting there!
Check it out
Modern Prairie Girl  

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