Monday, May 21, 2012

Vatican City - Part One....

Part of my visit to Italy
included Vatican City...
While I am not Catholic
I thought the way it was put to me by a
fellow traveler made sense..
The Vatican - especially the Sistine Chapel
is a place that belongs to the world.
Weather you are on a spiritual journey,
there to appreciate the artwork and architecture,
or just curious,
this is a place I think anyone can appreciate...
I wanted to share some of the photographic highlights of my time there.
Entrance to the Museum...
 Bruno explaining the significance of the fountain,
not such a great photo
but to be next to such a famous statue 
that I remember studying in Art History
is kind of a wonderful and awe struck feeling...
 So beautiful
and look at the details in her hair - amazing...
I have had a thing for Angels for years...I love the details in gold of the one above....

 How the artist made the background pale
in comparison to the focus...
The above paintings were on a ceiling
these photographs in no way show the magnitude of how
large they really were ...
maybe the size of my whole living room ceiling?!
 This is one of my favorites...
all those paintings and carvings on the ceiling 
are so overwhelming in the Hall of Maps...

This is a small detail from one of those maps..
just the size of a piece of notebook paper ...
a mere speck compared to the rest of the Hall.
 I believe the angels here in this dome
are dealing with the Seven Deadly sins...
 There is so much to see...
it can kind of get overwhelming...
You walk around with your head pointed up staring..
there are so many people
just being herded in and out of the buildings...
Thought I would wait and share St.Peter's tomorrow.
Traveling to Italy made me realize
even more that there is so much
to experience in this world.
A lot of times we hear those words and it sounds cliche'
Every now and then I have to be reminded
that a new pair of shoes,
the latest gadget, jewelry, endless craft supplies...
none of those things add up
to the experiences
the joy
the things you learn
when you
When you travel,
when you spend time with your children,
those are the memories.
Not what you had on that day
or what kind of car you drove to get there...


  1. Thanks for sharing all these awesome photos... I totally thought those lemons in one pic were actual melons!

  2. Stunning photos! I love the painted ceilings especially. I think everyone needs to see this once in their lives! Including me!!