Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vatican City - Part 2

the Vatican experience...
it can really get overwhelming.
You will not see pictures
The Sistine Chapel
they are strictly forbidden.
The guards walk through the crowd and are very stern with 
"No PHO-TO  policy"
"Hush, quiet please"
If they even see your cell phone or IPOD on they make you
turn it off!

There have always been debates
over flash destroying paintings.
This chapel was the torment and the masterpiece of Michaelangelo...
It belongs to the world.
The silence policy I believe is another part of the ,
what I call
"Respect" policy 
The Chapel is a very holy and moving place for many.
I saw people who were wonderstruck
others who simply sat and were moved to tears by the
emotion they felt being in this place.
Here are two images I Googled
just to give you a small glimpse at the magnitude..
although photos don't do it justice.
  Alter with the levels from Heaven to Hell...
notice the doors on the left and right?
Truly gigantic...
The ceiling itself is mindblowing..
this stock photo in no way shows how large 
and beautifully painted it is.
I decided to read the story of Michaelangelo
after this trip.
I remember tiny details from Art History
but not a lot.
 for my photos.....
 The square where people
come to view and hear the Pope.
Next is St.Peter's Basilica.
That is St.Peter on the right.
I never really got what I thought were amazing photos in 
St.Peter's Basilica
There was a  lot of changes in light throughout
and throngs of people to contend with when trying to take photos.
I started to get really frustrated by the end of my time there
and decided to stop taking pictures
so I could remember to enjoy the moment.
The stained glass window
is of a white dove.
My husband and I bought a replica of it
years ago.
We never knew this is what it was a copy of.
When I walked in and saw it 
I was so surprised.
It kind of made me feel like I was meant to be here.
 The Pieta is one of the few behind glass
and off limits sculptures...
The Swiss Guard

In the building above...
There are two black windows on the left side of the building..
That is where the tiny figure of the Pope can be seen on Sunday...
I did not go back on Sunday to see him..
but my new friend Heidi said it was wild!
Thousands of people and they went  crazy when he came out...
Definitely an experience.
 I had to include this pic
of Heidi...
I noticed early on we kept stopping to photograph the same things.
By the end of the trip 
we were either
snapping pics at the same time
 one of us was in the others shot
 I was calling to her
"Ohhh, Heidi...come get this...Look!"

love the backpack...
All in all
 the trip to the Vatican was pretty
I also think I did pretty well considering that
as we were on our car ride there I started to realize
I was having a bit of ol' PMS
trying to rear her ugly head.
Not a great thing considering I was about to head into a crowded
crazy atmosphere.
Sort of not a good place to have a "excuse me if I snap your head off"
I just told myself I could control it and laugh at it
when I felt those moments coming on.
the stuff we have to deal with!
I don't know how Father Bruno lasted for 2 and a half weeks
with all us women!
St.Bruno should be his new name!
Here he is at the head of the table
he definitely deserved
that bottle of wine!
Happy Wednesday to all!

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  1. Oh that food at the end looks so fresh out, and to eat out in the open air...! I love the story of the dove in the stained glass window!