Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where to begin?

 I can probably
write for a month or more about Italy and maybe I will...
 I tallied up the numbers
and i took over 1,290 photos
with my DSLR
and probably 40 or 50 with my IPOD!

We walked a lot.
We ate a lot.
We drank a lot.
We painted and sketched a lot.
We rode plains, trains, and automobiles.
Learned some Italian and even when others didn't speak English
we somehow found a way to communicate.
 Sensory overload in a way at some point.
Now that I'm home I'm discovering lots of things
that left impressions on me, inspired me, and taught me a few things.
Lets start with the amazing "Campground"
I stayed at....
The building I stayed in has parts that date back to before 79 A.D.
I thought my 1918 house was old!
The family that owns the property restored the building so it could be
used as individual apartments and they live in the section
on the far left corner of this photo...
they call it the Neffola Residence

This section is the side of the apartment Lara and I stayed in....

View of the gate we left through every morning to explore town

This is the entrance to our apartment and our small courtyard
 View of the cliffs from my doorway...the trees you see are lemon trees - they are everywhere!
Not much of a photo
but I slept with this window open every night
(something I cannot do at home)
for some reason my allergies did not bother me here
This is where the bird would sit outside my window and sing every morning...
at night you hear 
the laughter at the restaurants
the buzz of scooters
and the occasional Italian husband and wife having a good
A few interior views of the apartments
and the lounge chairs were on the rooftop terrace
belonging to Father Bruno...
Mt.Vesuvius is in the background....
 Instagram view from the rooftop terrace of the city surrounding us and up into the cliffs...
Sorrento is built up and into the cliffs as much as they can manage ...
We ate dinner here, sketched, painted, and just hung out here a lot.
 Sunsets here are amazing...
they change so much.
You could photograph the same sunset for a half an hour and it would change
so drastically it looked like a different day 
every few minutes....
 I hope you return to enjoy all I've experienced...
Today barely breaks the surface....
Happy Thursday all....
and to my girls still in Tuscany

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