Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The first morning I woke up in Italy
I heard the most beautiful birdsong just outside
my open window....
Trilling and calling just above the faint hum of the first scooters 
heading out for work or coffee...
It was so beautiful I grabbed my IPOD
to tape the sounds.
"I always want to remember how magical this was"
I thought to myself.

At breakfast
my new pal Heidi told me she had done the same thing!

The first morning after I arrived home
I woke up at 4:30 a.m.
probably from the time change...
I shuffled to the bathroom for some water
and lifted the window for some air...
Above the hum of the first autos headed out to work...
There it was...
a similar beautiful birdsong
just as loud 
and as intense
as what I had heard in Sorrento.

 I then had a thought.
Maybe this song has been here
outside my OWN window all along
 I had just forgotten to listen.

Going away
and leaving all your responsibilities
and worries can be easy for some of us...
Coming home and choosing how you let your
experience guide you
I think is harder.
You have to free YOURSELF
in order 
to change your perspective.

(Mary Tribute outside residence gate in Sorrento)
Love to you all...
sorting through all the photos to share with you....

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