Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting back to
the being home,
is definitely hard after I have traveled.
It was a little over a week
but something about going away with just myself
and literally a group of strangers
(other than the on-line relationship I had w/ Lara)
is so freeing.
They really have no expectations of you.
I'm still having revelations about things in my life
and then trying to do laundry!
I went to lunch yesterday with
my oldest and dearest friend
while talking to me
he was having some of the same revelations...
about life and the time we have and the quality of it...
weird how things can work sometimes?! 
Still trying to wrap my head around all that I experienced
and where to go with it...
I decided to take a break
and simply

(Strawberry Rhubarb)
Down the street a bit..
a local family grows the strawberries in their
backyard and sells them in the morning for about 
3-4 weeks.
One thing I did decide was to really try and stick as close
as possible to the
We are going to plant our own vegetables at
my parents so we won't have to pay for them
and I know where they cam from....
Time to
take a break and sit with a slice and cup of coffee....
More of Italy soon...
Happy Wednesday to all...

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  1. Oh, that's awesome about the local veggies. That is one thing I don't like about life in the eastern plains of Colorado -- it is so hard to grow anything here! Miss CA for that reason!