Monday, May 14, 2012

Limoncello anyone?

the land of Limoncello...
Ever had it?
It has quite a kick!
and alcohol.
 I've had it in the states 
but it was not as good.
The size of the lemons are UNREAL.
 Look at the top right
notice the lemon is as big as the soda can!
Bruno called them "Babies Head lemons"
as a joke.
I think these were as big as melons!
Lemon gelato, lemon ice, lemon candy
you name it.
 Lemon Ice was wonderful because
it had real sugar added and not corn syrup based sugar.
I think that is why some of our foods tend to taste overly sweet
or have a filmy, slimy, texture to it.
Slurpee has nothing on Lemon Ice!
Sometimes the best things are the simplest.
 Lemons and oranges grow everywhere in Sorrento.
Even if you don't have land they grow them in pots,
on rooftops, off balconies.
Here is a toast
to a
Happy Monday
wherever you are!

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