Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall In Love with Button Swap!

I participated for the
2nd year 
in the
Fall In Love With Buttons Swap

Today I'm going to show you
 the lovely little tin
 I received from
 Dee Dee

 Isn't it just adorable?
These tins are so wonderful for storage of all types!
The buttons are just such a  fun bunch of
treasures to sift through...
These were my favorites...
The light does not do the colors justice!
The big one is a bronze sort of color with a greenish patina...
I'm thinking of using it in a necklace because it
just has that lovely time-worn look.
The green one looks like Bakelite?
and the blue one with the starburst is pearly.

I love doing these swaps.
I'll share the one I sent to Dee Dee next.

Thanks again to my partner for such a 
wonderful swap!

Head on over to Button Floozies
to see some of the other swaps!

Happy Tuesday all!

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  1. OH how lovely! I can't wait to see the one she sent you!