Monday, October 22, 2012

Thriftshare Moday - Halloween style!

Happy Thriftshare everyone!

I have been trying to save some money for a 
trip we are going on.
(for me)
that has also involved trying to not shop!

I decided to take some ideas I had seen on Pinterest
and then use things I already have in order to decorate a bit for Halloween this year.
The  focus of the decor
are these thrifted vintage paper Halloween cutouts.
I got them 2 years ago at our neighborhood yardsale.
They were marked .10 cents each!
I could NOT believe it!
The family hosting it was raising money for
cancer research so I gave them $2.00 instead.
 They have a little bit of tape still on them
and a few creases but are in pretty good shape.
I remember having this set when I was a kid.
I even think we had a black cat too.
We made the spiders from pipe cleaners and I just wrapped our candles in ribbon
I already had.
I didn't want to put anymore tape on them to hang them
and actually like the mantel display much better!

 The jar on the end has our black Beta fish in it!
 We made the wreath with a section
of a swimming pool noodle
(that idea I saw on Pinterest)
we taped it and wrapped it in ribbon and then I pinned on 
the leaves.
I got them at our dollar store last year.
The witch still had a little twist tie on her hat so I attached her to the door
with that over the wreath.
So total cost for Halloween decorations this year was $0...
I put to good use the items I have collected
and some things I never would have thought of.
It is so tempting to go out and buy
all the cool,shiny, new sparkly stuff in the stores.
After we did this I was so glad I didn't do that!
Yardsales are some of the best ways to find vintage items
in my opinion.
As they say
"One mans trash is another mans treasure!"
This was definitely one of those times for me when I found these cutouts!
head on over to
and see what everyone else found!

Happy Monday!

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