Monday, October 15, 2012


Happy Thriftshare everyone!
I found these little cupcake toppers a few weeks back
and have been saving them to show once it was October.
You know we all feel like the Holidays are rushed upon us in the stores?!
I had to buy them because 
my mom used a set just like this when I was a kid.
I only paid $1.00 
for all of them.
I thought that the little Keeper and I will use them for our
Halloween gathering before Tricks or treats!
I have been trying to stay out of the stores because
we are going to Chicago next month
and I want the extra money to spend there!

Little keeper is doing better finally!
Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed I don't end up with what he had!
 In the next few days I will share our bit of decorating we did to our mantel
with some thrifted finds from years past... 

Head on over to
to see what other goodies were found this weekend!



  1. Oh, how fun and colorful! I found some similar recently -- but no witches!