Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Homemade Halloween.....

Just wanted 
to wish 
Happy Halloween!
Just had to post this picture
of my sister and I
from a few years ago...
(insert sarcastic laugh here)

Do you have any costumes from Halloween you just
absolutely remember the most?
These are two of ours...
My category was pretty much always
Witch or Gypsy
my sisters
Clown or Princess
 (See me in the background...same costume but with my moms wig!)

We never had store bought costumes...
we always used stuff we had 
made it more elaborate...
Mom always did our hair and makeup for us.
My son has had mostly store bought costumes
because thrifty mommy always goes and gets one when they 
are 75 percent off!
Plus what kid doesn't want to wear an astronaut suit 
occasionally during the year?
Boys I am finding like to dress up just like
Maybe next year we will go for a full on homemade costume?!
Wishing everyone
Happy Halloween!
Stay safe and warm!

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  1. I have so many happy memories of my son's Halloweens!