Wednesday, November 14, 2012


that the thrift stores are 
extra full
of Christmas items right now!

 found these great Glitterfied ornaments
at Goodwill
the violins were 2 for .75 cents
and I think I got 6
The church was .75 cents as well
The pink tinsel garland is sort of shiny with a matte finish on it
it is so lovely and never used!
This kitschy tree star is for 
Little Keepers tinsel tree...
$1.25 was still in the box!
The mice I know are from the 70's/80's 
we had lots of these flocked type ornaments when I was a kid.
.55 cents for the unopened package of four.

Found a bag FULL of these bridal shower decorations
for .13 cents!
That's right!
Our Boys and Girls club was giving 1/2 off items
with green tags and this bag was .25 cents originally!

 This was a cottage cheese container!
It was empty and clean.
I'm guessing whoever purchased it years ago loved the
little Easter chickies and just had to keep it!
I was so surprised because I never find stuff like this!
Same price of .13 cents!

Have you had any luck with Christmas items
 Head on over to Apron Thrift Girl for more
thrifting goodness!


  1. Wow -- that cottage cheese tin is really something! I LOVE all the Christmas stuff in the thrift stores right now! It's my penultimate favorite time to shop!

  2. I love that cottage cheese tin. Great finds!