Friday, January 27, 2012

Lets Catch Up!

What a week....
Now that my technical difficulties have been solved 
I feel like I have so much to catch up on.
I never got to share the details of the Stocking Stuffer Gifting
from December....

I had a few nice donations from various 
Blog Friends
complete strangers!
Here are some of the items we donated....

A total of 40 purses / gift bags for women
 Lots of goodies in them...
from perfume, to jewelry, socks, new toothbrushes, to lotion
and much more.

 I managed to add ten bags for men...
Playing cards, toiletries, socks, cologne, and a few other goodies as well.
50 bags of candy for adults..
Lots of Chocolate!
  50 bags of goodies for boys and girls....
Lots of fun stuff!
Mini Playdough, Hotwheels, action figures, activity books and crayons,
new toothbrushes and floss and several other items for boys.

 Jewelry and hairclips, lipgloss, activity books, all kinds of Lisa Frank
and Hello Kitty items, and of course new toothbrushes as well  for the girls!

50 bags of sugary goodness
for the kids
(Hey it's a Holiday!)
On an inspired note I decided to add some journals....
I ended up with about a dozen.
This beautiful one above was made by
It was absolutely beautiful and I am so glad
she contributed a couple for me.
I'm going to show you the inside in another post....
With each journal I attached this card in the inside.
I asked that they be given to anyone who expressed an interest
in writing or art...
I wish I knew where they ended up...
If at least one person found their journal to be as
wonderful a release or relaxing activity as I do
it was worth it.

I learned a few things this year...
I need to start putting the bags together in November!
I need help assembling them.
If the journals continue I need to start
them early as well
or maybe I will do them as a separate donation during the summer!

Thank you to all who donated...
I know the items found thankful recipients
and you helped spread a little extra cheer at Christmas.

Can you believe it is the end of January already!
Happy Weekend!

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