Monday, January 2, 2012

Fav things 2011

Oprah is no longer around to do
her Favorite Things
So I thought I would do my own version
but one that is MUCH more affordable and some of it free!
    Lets start with my Oilcloth Carry All from Cath Kidston.
    I love it because it never gets dirty!
    It is perfect for toting art supplies, you could pack a picnic lunch in it, use it as a last minute diaper bag,
    it is such a perfect size to fit your own small purse in and then a lot of other items!
    It is truly a Carry All!
    I also purchased a couple of the cloth shopper bags
    Very affordable at $10.
    I used them for small grocery trips ,
    at the beach to throw my keys,phone,camera and snacks
    or placed my journal , books, in with my purse for days when I wanted just
    a little extra space.
    The Cath Kidston site has a great after Christmas sale going on now !
    I bought these sandals at Target during the summer
    they could coordinate with almost any summer outfit I had
    and they were comfortable!
    They are actually on clearance right now for like $5 and some change!
    I may get another pair!
    This Cynthia Rowley throw is the best!
    I use it pretty much every night as a lap blanket.
    So soft and plush and it is has the most beautiful ruffles!
    Love me some BareMinerals lip gloss
    such beautiful natural looking shades and is prefect for preventing those dry winter lips too!
    The Love and Toast line...
    wonderful company concept and scents that are not overpowering.
    Another great designer line you can find at Target!
    line of scents from World Market.
    My favorites are the Balinese Jasmine and the Indian Champra
    different and exotic
    but again are not overpowering.
    The scents remind me of summer
     I wore them a lot.
    I love the perfume oil they have
    it stays on your skin longer and you only have to put a dab.
    They have candles and reed diffusers also.

Garlic Expressions
This vinaigrette is liquid gold in our house.
We use it to marinate, on pasta, and as salad dressing.
The most amazing taste but no that fake overpowering garlic taste like most major brands.
Highly recommended!
Sweet Frogs Yogurt!
The whole family loves this yummy goodness!
We love that you can get a little or a lot!
Don't have to spend a fortune
and it is fun to mix flavors and toppings!
Something for everyone!
Sugar free or all the sugar you want!
Love the strawberry and the mango!
Not a lot of funny left on T.V. for my humor.
So when I saw Zoe D. was starring in this new series
I had to watch. Her funny off kilter awkwardness makes it so much fun!
New Girl
On Tuesday night is a must!

Loved the craziness and the things created on this season of
on Bravo.
is so beautifully filmed
and the music is awesome.
These two are like a couple of kids on the greatest adventure of their life.
Once you see it from the first season it amazing to see how much their journey
is causing them to "grow" as people.
If you want to see some places not normally featured on the typical
"Travel" shows but are equally as beautiful and unique
yet a little fun in between - you must see this!

Two things at once here...
Absolutely fell in love with the Beekman Boys reality series on Planet Green!
I can't say enough about all the great things these two are perpetuating on so MANY levels.
Not to mention they actually talk to just about anyone and everyone
on FB or in person.
Their new cookbook is Fabulous!
Loving trying all the new recipes!
I was introduced to this artist by
Happy Harris
love the voice and the fun , funky, updated retro vibe!
visit her site
**And sorry I can't believe I missed this the first day**
Maybe because I can't believe it has been that many years...
so - means I'm getting older...
also listening to the

Anniversary Album...
wonderful for a real fan!
Amazing how music from a particular time in your life can take you
right back...
Good and Bad
and also how it can make you see how you have grown...
This album has brought so many emotions up it is crazy and inspiring!
visit the
Pearl Jam
site for more info. 

A friend gave this to my grandmother from whom I then borrowed it.
Everyone in the U.S. should have to read this right now!
Especially because of our economy.
Such amazing stories of what people lived through during The Great Depression.
A lot of things you never learned in school.
Things that would make people think twice about a lot of situations right now
and how they view them.
This book has made me very thankful and a lot wiser.
Made by the company that publishes the magazine
Having this tiny journal in my purse has become a life saver.
When I have one of those artists brain storm moments that hits me
no matter where I am I always have something to jot that idea down in!

My ICamera has become such a part of my daily life!
The Apps I love are as follows:
The vintage 8mm camera
amazing film footage abounds!
Filter fun!
I have created some of my fav. photos with these three Apps!

Enough said?
So addictive but an amazing reference tool for me as an artist
and for some personal fun!

as an artist maybe I was behind on this one
I love me some
Washi tape.
Introduced to me by Fred.
I think I could spend waay too much money on this stuff if I let myself.
This line by Tim Holtz has added that perfect accent for so many
things I have created this year!

I had a lot of fun making this list.
Hoping maybe I introduced you to a new favorite!

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  1. Oh yeah, love washi tape. I must get that Depression book -- it sounds wonderful!