Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last hours of 2011

I thought I would save my end of the year musings for
next week
I thought instead I would give you a recap of what went on during this
whirlwind few weeks of Holidays
and lots of work!
took my first long road trip in a while
to visit my bestie - Esta in Asheville, N.C.
(still another post to come)
Completed my largest stocking stuffer gifting yet...
50 children and 40 adults...
(also another post)

Made lots of Christmas goodies...
Lots of Christmas run around with the family...
Fun with new games...
although I have to admit,
the new Operation is not as thrilling as the old.
Did you have one of the ones that shook so much it rolled aorund on the table
and made the most obnoxious buzzing sound ever?
It used to scare us to death yet we loved playing it.
Set up Grandpa's childhood Lionel set and gave it a good run!
This is definitely going to become a tradition between my dad and my son.
We set it up a lot when I was a kid
but for my son I think it is a definite must now!

Engagement surprise!
baby Keeper just turned 4!
This whole month has just flown!
There were so many other moments I wish I had captured
but I didn't want to tote the camera everywhere
and I have to admit I forgot my IPod for phots most of the time...
Oh well,
it was a good time
but too fast!
How was your December?
Any reflections or resolutions you have decided on yet?
Hope you all have a great New Years Eve!

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  1. You really were busy!! Happy birthday to your little keeper!