Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where does it go?

Most days lately I wonder where it goes.
A few months ago a friend encouraged "keeping it real"
and at that moment I felt like it was aimed at
what it is like to really bear your soul.
To let people see your flaws and your feats.
Keeping it real right now
feels like even though I said I wasn't going to let Christmas
turn into a crazy busy month
 it has.
Have you ever felt this way?
I'm not talking running to the mall and battling
crowds or going out after the perfect gifts.
I have totally managed to accomplish that goal
of no major retail this year!
I have been overloaded with
WORK (10 hour days - 4 days a week)
Trying to get too much done at home
and not relax
I have just finished my Stocking Stuffer donations
I have to admit I was
a bit disappointed to not have too much help this year
but then I thought
"Hey this is your idea! Your thing! So if you can't handle it, don't whine!"
I have learned it will be better to have a cutoff date in an earlier month
and to start the prepping before December...
Life lessons...
I will be keeping it real in that I admitting that yet again my house looks like
an episode of Hoarders...
we FINALLY finished emptying out the large storage space
into a smaller one.
Whatever was left wandered home until I can convince my
significant " Whose name we do not speak" right now
to get rid of it!
I actually stood and cried over it last week in my back yard.
I want to live my life and accomplish my goals and all this
STUFF is keeping us from doing it.
When you spend every free minute working on a task like that
and then a week is gone and you feel like
you did not get to relax one bit as you fall asleep
sitting up...
you wake up the next day saying
"Where did my week go?"
I am pledging to keep chipping away at getting organized
and to not let the THINGS
in life keep me from living a life.
I will continue to search to find balance in all of this
over the next few days of Christmas.
Thanks for being here and listening to my reality right now.

I find we learn from our mistakes and we don't always get everything we want for
a reason.
Sometimes the worst of experiences provide the
most wisdom for us later in

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  1. Oh...good luck convincing your SO to get rid of the stuff! Life will be so much better once you have. Try not to stress! I hope your holidays are wonderful.