Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Button Swap...

I've been away for a few days
because I went on a little road trip to Asheville/ Canton N.C.
this week....
Story for another post!
I wanted to finally share what I created for the
Christmas Button Swap over at
I exchanged with three other ladies
and after much inhaling of glue
a glitter sneeze incident
and a lot of tweaking with tweezers
this is what I created for them...

I used the spools you get with ribbon for the base
and hand glittered all the buttons
to give them a Christmasy sparkle...
I also decided to sparkle up the reindeer
and chose a color theme for each decoration...
I wanted to make them a bit Kitschy cute.....
I had a lot of fun creating these and hope they made
it to their destinations in one piece...
I found some great colorful tags on Etsy
that I just had to order after I started this
because the colors fit so well with my theme
so then I created these to accompany them.....
I have so enjoyed all the swaps I have done so far
with this group!
Special thanks to Laurie for encouraging
me to start and for being such a wonderful


  1. I love the way you put the ribbon spools to good use. Just so cool. I also like what you did with the vintage tags. That is a great way to upcyle them. Thanks for the kind words on my blog about my ornaments.

  2. Oh, I adore them, Pam! How clever and delicate and fun!

  3. How clever! Love them all! Becs

  4. "Glitter sneeze incident." *snort!* I am getting over my glitter phobia, and a glitter sneeze incident might just set me back. ;)
    I love my ornament from you! I blogged about it today.
    Merry Christmas!