Thursday, December 22, 2011


While I was out last weekend
finishing up a few last additions to the stocking stuffers gifting.
I got an unexpected surprise....
I decided to buy two boxes of crayons to split up
and put a few in each gift bag
(there were 50 bags)
I picked up a box off the shelf
and felt something on the back
I turned it over and this is what was there
It was odd how it caught me off guard.
I looked around and no one was near me.
Then I had this thought,
this person was paying it forward and I was purchasing this
to donate to the shelter.
What a great thing!
Just  think how that one random act could have such a domino like
effect in such a good way.
I really should not have been spending the extra money
but I just had to add a few things to make the bags complete.
And then this.
It put such a smile on my face
and the cashier I showed it to.
I hope you experience the spirit of giving this season.
Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. Cool! So glad that happened to you! Happy Christmas Eve, Eve -- and Merry Christmas!