Monday, December 26, 2011

Now can I relax?

So something weird happened this year.
I was so committed to
this year being non-rushed and relaxing.
Somehow it felt the opposite,
even though I stuck to my guns on the non-retail run around.
since I became my own boss
I am learning that I have to take work when it comes
because you might not have any for a while...
The flood gates opened with work 3 weeks before Christmas and is still going strong.
The lesson is -
I either need to be prepared early
let things go in order to not stress and drive myself crazy.
when the tree wasn't up and it was 3 days before
I simply said
either you guys do it or it doesn't go up.
(I was working 10-12 hour days)
When I came home this is what I found...

(used my I-Camera)
A tree with all the decorations at the height of my toddler!
Not to mention several on one branch.
I remember it used to drive my mom crazy when we
tended to put the ornaments all in one general area
(of course having artistry in your genes you want everything proportioned correctly)
But I went with this and decided it was funny
and left it!
I think that whole
"Life gives you lemons make lemonade of it"
phrase applied for this Christmas.
I had been asked to optionally make a casserole but to please make deviled eggs for Christmas dinner.
The parent of a 3 year old is discovering Christmas and Santa's visit take a whole new set of skills.
So after one day and two half days of finishing 
the stocking stuffers for the shelter,
working 3 almost 12 hour days,one day of mad clean up,
last minute grocery shopping, a messed up order of gifts that did not get printed,
a lost RedBox rental and 3 hours worth of back and forth driving to visit
relatives Christmas Eve.
I decided that optional casserole was out the window,
I let my husband make our Deviled eggs as I finished
our Christmas Day gifts for my family and another 2 hours of round trip driving.
He added Taco seasoning because he is always trying to "improve"
I would have thrown a fit before
but rolled my eyes and said
You have to explain that one at dinner to everyone else"....
and after dinner he actually asked why no one tried them?
( there were half dozen regular one too thank goodness)
It was a great laugh for everyone!
But they may stop asking us to cook I'm guessing...
This will definitely be a memorable Christmas for many reasons...
especially for another wonderful reason.
My little sister....

got engaged!
My son has a new Wii buddy....
Congratulations Erin.
Peace to you all.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. I'm glad your holiday was nice! I think that ESPECIALLY when you have a toddler -- you must agree that some things are going to have to be good enough!