Sunday, December 4, 2011

Black Friday Thrifting....(a week late)

We spent Thanksgiving
with my husbands family
out of state
They live in a pretty small town
and when we go
I like to stop in to their local Goodwill
and a small antique store that
is located in a former Civil War era hospital...
I found some amazing goodies at the antique store
but the best buys were at the GW!
I went on Black Friday while everyone else was fighting over
towels at Wal-Mart!
I love going to thrifties in other cities
because sometimes the types of things you find seem to vary
from state to state...
I found this set of Santa salt and pepper shakers for .49 cents
they aren't perfect but they are tiny and cute!
Will set well on the kitchen shelf for Christmas...
The paper streamers are old Hallmark...probably from the 80's
.49 cents each!
This nice little hand stitched napkin was ?
oops. I don't think I even looked....
I think I paid .25 cents
The green tablecloth was $1.99
kind of 60's-70's but I like the green
will fit in well with vintage but otherwise I think could look pretty tacky out of the right setting..
does that make any sense?
I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it to make into something else
or if I want to sell it ...
We shall see...
This turquoise honey pot was .49 cents
I have a green and a pink one already
The linen dinner napkins and towel were $1.99
they are definitely older and maybe hand stitched...
they are very well made.
My grandmother had one of these Orange juice jugs
I found a heavier one earlier in the year
this one is a lot lighter
no marking
$.99 cents
The sugar and creamer were $2.98 for the set
This glass Christmas tree was $1.99!
They had 10 or 12 in all different sizes!
I put the dish with it because I almost got rid of it a few months ago
but it had not made it to the donation box..
so glad I didn't!

These 70's candle rings were .89 cents for 3
and the armless guy was a freebie!
I'm thinking of using him in an art project!
(I know my sister is laughing at that)
Lastly this paint by numbers was .49 cents
I don't collect these but I know a lot of people do
this is the first one I have seen that was decent
I'll definitely be selling this to someone who collects...
Not bad for a Black Friday haul huh?
NO shoving people or long lines...
and I didn't have to get up before the chickens....
How is that for some Thanksgiving love?
What did you find?
Head on over to
to see what everyone else has found!

Happy Sunday!

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