Friday, December 16, 2011

Ten Thousand Villages fun.....

While I was in Asheville, N.C.
we made a stop at

My bestest of friend took her ladies group
from her church there for an outing
since they have been discussing Fair Trade
and what that means for those that it benefits....
Even if you don't have one in your area
you should definitely visit the link above
and find out what they are about
of course there is online shopping
but they have  wonderful  displays in their stores
and the place even SMELLS lovely
and not in one of those perfumy ways...

Love the writing on the wall....
They had a wonderful natural feel to all the Christmas items
and they still managed to mix earthy tones and brights very well...

I am on such a budget...
I thought these cuffs were so awesome!
Pieces of needlework from all kinds of things like the trims from Mexican Wedding
dresses etc....
I took this photo because I thought the display was so neat.
A few minutes later one of our ladies had one and was
ooohing over how cute it was...
It is actually a push toy!
His little legs move so fast on that little bicycle!
They are pieces of Aluminum wire wrapped in many different types of silk ribbon .
Very resourceful and the adorable factor made it worth the mere $8
I did get this one for Baby Keeper for Christmas...

Happy Family in a "Bunny Bag"
I love all the nativity themed items they have
because the are so unique
I purchased one years ago for
the same bestest buddy that was inside of a real egg shell that
could be hung on the tree!
I really likes these two
because they also remind me of my honeymoon...
When we were in Mexico we bought a free standing nativity that
was handmade on an island we visited...
I have not put it out for display yet
but will definitely share it when it gets unpacked.
Hope you are all having a good time getting ready for the
Remember this time is not about stress and running around
it is about giving and loving.
Happy Friday!

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