Monday, January 30, 2012

Railroading adventures and family history.....

I never got to share about my road trip
to Asheville 
to visit my Bestie Esta
during December.
I'm glad I waited because this has perfect timing
since a series of my photos
were focused on a cabin full of family heirlooms.
E's Uncle is having a newspaper series written about his life in a
local newspaper!
I love her family because they
take such care to preserve their family history
personal items
definitely storytelling.
We spent an evening looking through boxes of family photos dating back to the late
1800's I think to current day.
E thought I might be bored by this at one point
but I LOVED it.
Seeing resemblances through the generations is
Plus seeing pics of when we were kids is always fun.
It rained A LOT
so I really didn't get to take many photos 
until the day we went to the Cabin.
The cabin was made from lumber from

 older buildings on the family properties.
Uncle Forrest had it built right in his own backyard....
which is an impressive number of acres!

A one room cabin to house lots of memories.
Love the age on this saddle...
Lots of crocks, lanterns, butter churns, farming implements.
Seems so peaceful,
except for the story E told me about waking up in this bed to see
a black snake on the top of the window frame!
There is a wonderful pond down the hill

from the cabin where there is a fire pit and shelter built for family gatherings.
I hope to get back this summer and take some more photos.
I would absolutely love to and be honored to get to
come when they make apple butter in the fall here at the fire pit!
(Hint, Hint)
If you would like an interesting read...
here is the first installment of the series about Uncle Forrest in the link below...


Hope you enjoyed a bit of my trip
and keep up with the series
I already think his life would make a great movie!

Love and hugs to Esta!

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  1. How lovely! It seems so peaceful. I got your swap today, thank you! So excited to see how everyone likes their ornaments! I will photograph them for sure.