Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun with Apps.....

O.K. so I don't have
but what I discovered, and  a lot of people don't realize
is that you can use most all the
same apps on the newer IPod Touch
In my case I still had the original one that looked like a 
packet of chewing gum.
I really wanted to start using the camera Apps
and hinted enough
that I received one for my birthday last year.
I don't use my cell phone enough to justify a contract
so the
Touch was just what I needed!
I have really enjoyed the fact that there are times
when I just didn't have my BIG camera with me
but I could still take a great photo and add some
very cool effects with all the amazing Apps out there.

and then there are the random things that show
up like the photos my son takes.....
 They are priceless and usually pretty funny...
After seeing all the great photo opportunities
that my ICamera had given me
when I didn't have my "BIG Girl" camera around....
I decided that I was going to try
and take a photo every day this year
and at the end of the year have them made into a book.
I did really well for the first few weeks...
then a really bust work schedule and being sick threw me off.
Today I wanted to share a link 
for a photo challenge for the year that has a bit more direction
which also makes it a bit easier...
I was trying to take some random photo every day
but this  gives you a subject in your daily life....
Thanks to MEG at File-Me-Away
for the suggestion
Take a peak at the challenge over at
here is the basic from FMS for February

Head on over to check out links for the participants for January.
Here is my image for today...
My View Today...

Do you have a project you are working on for the new year?

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  1. That's a neat idea! My friend Jeanelle turned me onto a phone app called my 365. It lets you take a camera photo and stick it onto a calendar, and then friends can follow your calendar, too, from their phones. I like that you don't have to feel like you HAVE to take a photo every single day.