Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Day swap....

Today I wanted to share the ornaments I made
for the Valentines Day swap
over at
I really wanted to use items I already had
These hearts were an amazing deal at .09 cents !
However they were bright red and stark white....
So I decided to age them.
I used brown paint and smudged with my fingers to age the white wood...

Then I painted the red felt pink and sprinkled with a bit of glitter...
I decided I wanted to write the word LOVE all over it to add a little something to it...
Then I added the little silver crown to the top center...

For the opposite side I used lots of  different scrap paper
stickers and stamps.
I used the same brown to shade everything and give it that "aged" look
and some dimension to the images.
I ended up using the Queen Elizabeth stamps on every one I made.
I purchased them last summer at a store in WVA.
They sold me a whole shoebox of stamps someone had collected 
some date all the way back to the turn of the century!
From all over the world too!
I thought Elizabeth went well with the theme.
 I decided to make each one a different color
to make them unique.
SO sorry this absent minded mommy
forgot to at least include a note saying they were from me!
SO if you see yours..
now you know who made it!
I also made a Valentines Day card...
but oops..
forgot to photograph it before I packaged it all up
nice and pretty and then didn't want to tear it apart!!
Thanks again to Laurie for taking my photos so I could at least
show you what I made!
Tomorrow I'll share what I received.
SOOOO gorgeous!

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  1. I received one of your hearts and I love it! Thank you very much....this was such a fun swap.