Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lovely Week....

Nice re-cap of our week...
Continuing with finding the Lovely
in everday life...
 We had a sprinkling of snow that actually was accompanied by 
thunder and lightning!
A rare occurrence from what I know!
Then we had some 65 degree days
Reading, writing, re-arranging, and baking / candy making, 
and of course some coffee thrown in!
Learned how to finally make a proper biscuit gravy!
Head on over to 

to see what some of the other great images for the week were!
I am really enjoying this monthly and weekly Instagram
thing I have been doing.
I've never been good at keeping a diary,
I love doing it but I tend to put them down and not find them
for a month or so.
Instagram is like a daily diary for me now!
Well, I'm in with a sick boy today...
but hopefully I'll be able to head out to an Estate sale I saw advertised
yesterday if I can manage a few free minutes!
Have a great weekend everybody!

P.S. Anyone mind telling me what their favorite apps for collage are?
I'm not really digging the one I am using and there are so many out there!
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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