Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars loveliest and funniest....

What did you think of the
Oscars last night?
For the first time in a long time
I really had not seen many of the nominated films...
With a 4 year old we rarely go out
movies are usually a RedBox event.
I did enjoy the show last night for several reasons..
I thought the plus sized contingent among all the size 2 women
looked lovely...
Whoever helped Octavia pick this
dress did an awesome job!
It was beautiful and designed well for a woman with curves.
I loved her good didn't get to the ugly cry level
and it was great to see someone so taken in by the moment.
 If you Google Oscar Dresses from last night 
out of all the images that come up only two of Melissa McCarthy
come up...
I get why she chose this dress 
It is so soft and feminine and has those beautiful diamond accents
The color was perfect with her skin tone.
I can only imagine she is ignored because of her size
and because her dress didn't make her look like a size 2?
No matter how amazing the dress or tailor 
you can't make a size 22 look like a 2.
That doesn't make her unworthy of being put out there with the
other beautiful women
she looked fabulous and is just as deserving.
By the way,
did you notice half of the jokes of the night and a lot
of attention was focused on a character she played?
You go girl!
I think the best part of the evening for me was this
  I have no problems with Mrs.Pitt..
but yeah,
we get that your dress had this incredibly long slit 
so you could show off your legs.
When you walked we could see the beauty in the design.
Did you have to strike this odd pose all night long?
It just screamed "Hey, look at me ...don't you agree I'm awesomely full of myself?"
Even if you didn't intend came off weird...
Which is why I am now in love with this man on the right....

whoever you are..
You ARE awesome!
I think my most sharp dressed favorite though,
was this guy...
How could he not be?
SO handsome in his classic bow tie.
Hope if you watched you had a good time.
Happy Monday!


  1. Your description of the dresses at the Oscars made me laugh. I am your newest follower.

  2. I know, I made a lot of fun of Angelina -- and some of the people who read it on my FB page were offended! I have no problem bashing Angelina Jolie!