Monday, February 13, 2012

Treasure on the Cheap!

I've been limited in
my thrifting lately
but have managed to come up with a few great finds 
in the last couple of weeks....
For some reason the thrift stores actually seem a bit bare
Usually this time of year is gangbusters.
I managed to find all three of these at a CHKD
about a 1/2 hour away one day after a half day at one of my
clients offices....
I call that a good work day with a little bonus!
This pink Fire King vase was only $1.98
I'm used to seeing the hobnail pattern only in milk glass,
so pink was too different to pass up...
We have it on the dining room table with lollipops and flowers for
Valentine's day...

This vintage 1968 Wizard of Oz story book was only .98 cents!
My mother has always had a soft spot for the Wizard of Oz Movie
so I couldn't help but open it....
It has a lot of great color and some black and white illustrations...
I loved their vintage quality
so I figure I will use the pictures in some projects...
Love the lady in green...
Then on a bottom shelf I spied this sewing box...
We had one like this when I was a kid but it was plain and that 70's green...
I loved that this one looked like a basket!
I have already filled it with odds and ends...
Some sewing items , some not,
there are three compartments...
It is great to have a place to put all the spools I have collected so I know they are in one place..
  In the bottom is the contents from a bag of odds and ends I purchased for $1.98
Lots of trim, ric-rac, lace, 
but the best part was...
After I got home and could fully open the bag 
there was an envelope inside with these...
Nice little bunch of fabric animals and children...
You could sew them onto clothing or a blanket...
I'm not sure of their age but they

Now I have to decide what to use them on!
Head on over to
to see what everybody else found.
Happy Monday to all!


  1. Those little fabric animals are so adorable!

  2. O, love the animals too! And, the hobnob pink planter is cute!

  3. I adore the animals, and the Oz book is spectacular. I would have wanted that pink hobnail, too! Great bargains! I love your new blog look, too!

  4. Wow those Wizard of Oz illustrations are amazing! I love finding old books with beautiful drawings.. what happened to that? And that little pink vase is absolutely adorable. Perfect timing with valentines day!

  5. Look at those little appliques!! How fantastic are THOSE??

  6. Wow, the pink is very unique on that hobnail piece!