Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leftovers with sprinkles on top....

Do you ever buy things,
"put them up so you know where they are"
"hide them until the occasion you bought them for"
so the items will be a surprise?
Only to later not know
where the heck you put them?
I purchased two boxes of mini candy canes before Christmas
and "hid" them so Little Keeper wouldn't get into them...
Well I finally found them in the middle of January!
Luckily I found a great idea
to make use of them
for Valentine's Day!
 Chocolate Peppermint Hearts!
I added the sprinkles for a little extra fun and color!

 You could also use dark chocolate
I just thought the white was prettier with
the sprinkles!
Easy and Unique!
Next year you could do even better by
waiting until the after Christmas sale to but the candy canes
when they are 1/2 price!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday!

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