Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Swap Goodies!

Yesterday I shared the ornaments I made for the
Valentine's Day swap at

I received my package on Monday...
It is so exciting to get a package in the mail!
I couldn't wait!
Most of the time people never Surprise you with anything anymore
so to not know what you are going to get is so much fun!
(Mr.Keeper thinks it is pretty hee-larious that I get like this)
As they spilled out of the box 
I knew this was a REALLY bunch of talented ladies!
  Not too much but just the right amount of sparkle with those beads..
created by
All the glittery goodness she could manage!
Michele  has mad glitter skills!

 I loved how simple but sweet this was packaged....
 The most lovely layered stitched heart.
Even the back was beautiful..
 I want to be able to sew this like this some day!
I'm not sure who made this one though, 
if it is yours leave me a comment so I can give you and your blog
a shout out! 
**found out this is by Tamatha***
(thanks Laurie) 

the most adorable little....
 Birdie in a nest!
I had to take a few views so you could appreciate all the details!
Sitting in a nest on top of an  ....
Old thread spool!
as her blog will tell you is all about the
in life!

This was a great  swap!
Thanks again to Laurie for hosting
and to everyone I was honored with a bit of their work!
A truly talented bunch of ladies!


  1. Hey Pam, the beautiful stitched heart was made by Tamantha and her blog is here:
    I want to be able to sew like that someday, too!

  2. Well Pam, Thanks for visiting my blog. I guess we did get each other's ornaments. Mine is the very glittered one on both sides. I forgot to put in my name and blog also. So I am wondering how you found my blog. I think we got all the same ornaments only we just got each others. How cool is that. I think you and I could be great blogging friends. Take care and I usually host some swaps each year, so I will let you know when I do too.

  3. Hi Pam! I got one of your ornaments and love it! I'm so glad to hear you liked mine too! I thought I had included a name card with my ornaments but at least you found out which one was mine. Thank you for your lovely ornament!