Monday, February 6, 2012

Thrift Share is back!

I had taken a bit of a break from thrifting lately
in order to save some money...
Between Christmas and Birthdays
we had plenty to get rid of anyway!
 Last weekend I did get the urge to stop at our local
charity shop when I had a bit of time to use up
between appointments.
Lately some of the shelves at this tore have felt bare so I hadn't
stopped in there in a while...
I was glad I did this time!

Found this stack of  8 molds for $1.58
I started using a few today to put paperclips in 
and another one to put Valentines Day candy in.
I will definitely use the rest for crafting...

Lovely pastoral figure $2.98
Funny how in the stores how you tend to get one of the pair...
I have a few and they sometimes actually mix well together.
I just had to share this shelf in my kitchen
with some previous thrifted items
because the light was right 
and I am loving the way it looks after I re-arranged it last weekend.
The pitcher on the left is Fire King got it a few weeks ago for $2.98
the two little green salt and pepper shakers I found last spring
the beeswax bear candle was a gift from my bestie Esta
Hen came from T.J. Maxx $2.99
the little chair went with a doll house set I have had since I was a kid
and then tin is from a Cath Kidston set I got last Christmas...
head on over to
to see what everyone else has found!
Tomorrow I will be sharing what I made for the 
Valentines Day swap 
hosted by Laurie at
  Lots of fun blog-hopping to do!
What did you find this week?

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