Friday, February 10, 2012

What do you do?

I've been battling sinus problems for
several weeks now.
I think my antibiotics are getting the best of me...
I just seem to have absolutely no energy!

 I have always had a few things that when I'm sick
always make me feel better...

Egg drop soup...
 Coca Cola in certain cases
and lots of water...

Do you have anything that helps you feel on the mend
or you use to help you regain your energy?
Let me know...
I'm taking suggestions!
I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest
and Etsy while I'm feeling crummy...

I just had to share this..
I'm not necessarily a technology Geek
but today we went out to lunch and the
restaurant had this new self serve Coke machine....
It is called a Coke Freestyle...
Now when I lived in GA - they called every kind of soda Coke
so I know they made these just for the South!
You select whichever you want
and the next screen that comes up has 6 choices for that particular soda...
So the Coke selection has cherry, vanilla, cherry vanilla, orange, etc.
The Fanta comes in 6 flavors and on and on.
Pretty cool
especially since they are using syrup mix-ins instead
of the already flavored stuff...
Have you ever had a real cherry or vanilla Coke made with
the mix ins years ago
at stores like Woolworth's?
This is pretty close.
The funny thing was watching some of the folks trying to figure
out how to work the touch screen...
So technology now invades our lunch!
Hope everyone has a great weekend...
we're hoping for a little snow!

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