Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finding the Lovely week 4 ...

It has been
an interesting week...
some major changes in our life...
and then 30 degrees one day and then 75 the next!
There were definitely some lovely
moments wrapped up in all the crazy ones that went on too...
finishing up with
the last week of 
 over at
go visit and check out the other great
pics for the week..
Here are mine....
 Notice there is always coffee involved in my days?
It was just a beautiful 2 or 3 days to imagine
it was spring and break out the crop pants and take a swing.
The ketchup shot was all that was left
after our 3 person sharing at Five Guys!
I love that they make everything right there,
nothing pre-made or shipped in!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend
and thanks to
Jeanne and Kim for hosting another fun
February sharing event!

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  1. If you are finished with that sunshine, would you mind sending it our way? :) Love your photos - those bits of french fries look divine! Thanks for linking up!