Wednesday, August 8, 2012


a little late...
but better than none!

I actually found these items
at a store right around the corner from my house!
I used to have my own room
in the store for about 3 or 4 years where I sold
vintage and new items that mixed up quite lovely if I do say so myself!
 The store doesn't have a website or I'd link her up!

 I got three bags of these vintage rhinestones for $3
They are so lovely pretty...
I'm hoping to make some earrings for my sisters wedding with a few...
 These green glass beads were $1.25
and I got a little stack of about 12 or so of these
little bags with all sorts of cute graphics for $1
I thought the bags would be a cute to stash favors in
or to wrap jewelry with.
 My favorite find 
was this lotion dispenser...
Kitschy and green 
two of my favorite things!
I have a few other odd pieces of a vanity type set made of 
this green type plastic so this will fit in perfect!
O.K. so it wasn't super cheap
but when I saw it
I got all "OOOHHH I want that!"
So I waited a week and saved my change ;)
$7.95 (I think)
 Even has little gold feet...
 Yesterday the local artists group
I have been meeting with
had a journaling get together.
One of the members brought what looked like about 
20 or so stamps and donated them
"to a good home"
I took these two...
Zero dollars!
I love my TAG group!
 I guess these are not P.C. anymore
 I had to buy them when I saw them ....
they didn't make me want to smoke as a kid...
I just wanted the candy and we thought they were funny.
They also had candy lipstick and bullets too...
are those still O.K.?
Just a fun trip down memory lane!

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  1. I found some of those candy cigarettes in my room the other day and I cannot tell you how much I do NOT know where it could have come from, LOL!! I like the little green lotion dispenser -- I would have squealed, too!