Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What we've been up to....

Why have my posts been so sporadic lately?

This was my backyard the weekend of August 10th...   

Little Keeper doing his Tom Sawyer impression....
Who knew.....
 Jumping up and down in the water could be soooo
much fun?!
We had about 6 inches of rain in an hour!
In parts of our yard it was up to 12 inches!
This was our backyard on August 25th!
more water!
Our large garage in the back yard probably had more than 6 inches inside!
We raised everything off the floor about 4 inches several years ago after hurricane Isabel...
so we decided after this day to work on raising everything at least 6 inches or more....
we were letting everything dry
and going to work on it this week 
water yesterday!
August 28th!
This picture is only the beginning
I wasn't brave enough to go back out
because there was so much lightening...
Mr.Keeper to the rescue!
I feel so bad for him.
He is just beyond outdone at this point.
At least nothing came into the house.
He goes down to the two manholes in the alley behind
our house to check on them and make sure they are not obstructed whenever we have
So he has done the same during these three storms.
Yesterday when he went out 3 other neighbors were standing there
picking leaves and gumballs off and just watching the manhole....
My husband comes out with his crowbar 
moves them aside 
 with a manly heave ho
popped the cover off to watch the water start quickly draining
They all cheered that he came to the rescue 
this is the end of it!
I have lived here 10 + years and have never had this kind of flooding,
even during several hurricanes...
only during Isabel did it get bad!
I'll try and get back to my usual fun stuff after we finish drying out!
Thoughts are with Louisiana right now!


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  1. Your two Keepers are adorable! I hope y'all weathered the storm!